Inspired by Iberian Wolf

The story of the Iberian wolves

Whether you have a giant dog at home or your pet fits in the palm of your hand, his genes conceal a wolf. And this inner beast, even if only peaceful, deserves quality and tasty food at the same time with a high proportion of meat and other beneficial substances. And that‘s exactly what the brand Ibero NATURAL offers. A dog, like its wolf ancestor, needs a varied diet that will provide for its nutritional needs and keep it in top condition. The Ibero NATURAL was inspired by Iberian wolves, which hunt semi-wild black pigs, sheep, deer and other mammals in their homeland. This natural cycle let to the modern trend of dog feeding, where only high-quality natural ingredients from regional Spanish farms are used to produce Ibero NATURAL super premium dog food. The main ingredient is Iberian pig meat, along with lamb.

The story of Iberian pigs

The Iberian wolf is a brown-colored subspecies of the common wolf, originally found throughout the Iberian Peninsula, now only in northern Portugal and north west of Spain. The ancient Celts called him the Spirit of the Storm. Currently, a maximum of 2,000 individuals live, so it is one of the most endangered canine beasts in the world. They do not form large packs, wolves live independently, in pairs only during the rearing of puppies. They have a fighting nature, they are said to be the most aggressive wolves, because there are often fights and prey fights among them, even between the male and female in a pair.